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Special Offers

Installing the U-space "Cherry Garden"

The world is beautiful, life is infinite, and all your dreams will come true - such optimistic thoughts to visit everyone who will be in the art space created by contemporary artists in the gallery "Erarta".

Up to 13 December 2014

Contemporary art museum “Erarta”

Vasilievsky Island, 29-line, 2k

Royal Auto Show

Special atmosphere for car lovers,sport cars, vintage and luxury.

  • Entertainment program for children and adults
  • Contests for spectators
  • Demonstration performance motorcycles and cars

30 April - 11 May

Peter and Paul Fortress

Exhibition "Pop-art forum"

Pop art seeks and finds the most vivid images of the past century: comics, celebrities, political figures, refrigerators, cars, fashion shoes ... and even Coke with burgers!

6 March – 25 May

Art-center “Perinie Ryadi”, Dumskaya st., 4

Tulip's Festival

Spring ambassadors on Yelagin Island. Very soon there will arise a real kingdom of tulips. Every year the festival gets bigger and brighter. Lots of music, themed show, interactive and crazy beauty of flowers.

17 May – 25 May

Central Park of Culture and Rest named after SM Kirov, Yelagin Island (Central Park)

Festival "Spring 1945"

Vintage cars, ladies in clothing of 1945, the sounds of the accordion and warmest wartime songs. Fashion historian Megan Virtanen and the National Library decided to celebrate the pure sky especially.

9 May 18:00

Russian National Library, Moskovsy prospest, 165

Exhibition of Monet's paintings of Fondation Beyeler in the Hermitage

The Hermitage has kept eight great paintings by Claude Monet, but for a while it added three more - from the Swiss Fund Beylera gallery.

21 May – 13 September

Hermitage, Dvortsovaya emb., 38

Justin Timberlake's concert

Justin Timberlake part of the tour «The 20/20 Experience World Tour» first time will give a concert in St. Petersburg.

15 May, 20:00

Petersburg Sports and Concert Complex SKK, Yuri Gagarin, 8

Carla Bruni's Solo concert

Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, once the first lady of France, June 4 for the first time to perform in St. Petersburg with a solo concert at the Mikhailovsky Theatre.

4 Jumne, 19:00

Mikhailovsky Theatre

Aerosmith's concert

One of the oldest and most famous teams in the world with a permanent Steven Tyler at the helm. Great opportunity to see the group, which became one of the hundreds of the best bands of all time according to Rolling Stone!

27 May, 20:00

Petersburg Sports and Concert Complex SKK, Yuri Gagarin, 8