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Special Offers

Installing the U-space "Cherry Garden"

The world is beautiful, life is infinite, and all your dreams will come true - such optimistic thoughts to visit everyone who will be in the art space created by contemporary artists in the gallery "Erarta".

Up to 13 December 2014

Contemporary art museum “Erarta”

Vasilievsky Island, 29-line, 2k

Van Gogh. Alive

Explore the work and life experiences of this prolific artist during the period 1880 to 1890.

Up to 31 October

Konushennaya sq.1

Biennal Manifesta-10

The main topic on the "Manifesta" in 2014 will be the theme of heritage through the prism of modernity. After all, contemporary art  - a continuation of the long tradition.

29 June – 31 October

Palace Embt, 38 The State Hermitage Museum

Premiere : FABERGE a life of its own

This feature-doc tells the epic story of the Fabergé name, from Imperial Russia until the present-day, spanning one hundred and fifty years of turbulent history, romance, artistic development and commercial exploitation.

5th October, 18:00

Angleterre, Cinema Lounge

Elton John concert

Sir Elton John will perform in St. Petersburg on the stage of the Ice Palace as part of his tour "Follow Yellow Brick Road".

9 November, 19:00

Ice Palace, etc. Pyatiletok 1

Exhibition court costume XVIII - beginning of XX century

Hermitage Museum presents an exhibition of clothes upper-class people of the Russian Empire.

17 May - 19 October

Hermitage Museum, Dvortsovaya emb., 38